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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happiness, Heartbreak & Hobknockers!

Wow.  I would've made this post sooner, but i have been lost for words since it happened. 

And by 'it' i mean the most boring, uninteresting 120 minutes of my life followed by the biggest adrenaline rush since Herm├Ęs released the crocodile skin Birkin Bag! 

So...shall we skip full time & extra time and get straight onto the penalties? 
At this point, it was literally anybodys game for the taking, as both sides lined up ready for their first pen i couldnt call it. My inner Spaniard rooting for Spain, whereas my inner Madridista felt a twang of endearment for C-Ron, Pepe & Fab! 
My highlight of the shoot was Sergio's penalty. As a self confessed Sergio Ramos lover for the past 7 years (yes i have loved him through the nose job & green jeans :|) my heart sank a little as he stepped up. I thought, Sergi you remember the last time, no? Then what followed made my night, in a move which was panenka-esque and echoed pirlo in everyway, he chipped the ball straight into the net. No run up, no power, no crazed Ramos? Damn, boy did good & was awarded MOTM, rightly so!

Finally Cesc's penalty sent Spain through to the final of the euros, not unexpected of course as it is their 3rd final in the past 3 competitions.

One small teensy thing though, did Fernando Llorente forget to send the gaffer a birthday card?!
i mean look how sad he is....

Onwards & Upwards, Vamos Espana for the final!


  1. hahahaha love this! i think spain will win....

  2. i was so so so sad to see portugal lose :''( really thought Ronaldo would score