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Monday, 25 June 2012

Semi-Finals; Players,Predictions and Penalties!

Ok so now we have our Euro 2012 semi-finalists...i feel abit like im announcing for the X factor with that intro but its true & here are the semi final fixtures *drum roll please*

SPAIN V PORTUGAL - Wednesday 27th June

GERMANY V ITALY - Thursday 28th June

that is a pretty fab line up if you ask me! I have long predicted a Germany/Spain final & it looks very likely now!
Star Players for these teams so far & ones to watch in the Semi Finals;

Spain- Its a little hard to choose one, no? but i will for the good of this blog. For me Xabi Alonso - the classy passmaster himself. He dominates midfield with his clever & accurate passing, & scored 2 goals on his 100th Spain cap! 
power of the ginger beard..

Portugal - Of course i must say the man himself C-Ron. No explanation needed really, but another stand out has been Pepe in my opinion, he always gives 100% for NT & club. This is an unpopular opinion por supuesto as most people have taken a dislike to Pep.

Germany - Once again very hard to choose, each position has a fantastic player with a very strong bench too! This tournament from what i have seen i should say Mesut Ozil. Ever since i saw him back in WC 2012 i knew he was destined for great things lol. Special Mention to Mario Gomez - 3 goals with only 22 seconds on the ball :o

Italy - Not a lot of people expected Italy to reach the Semi Finals - Me included sadly. Pirlo is the obvious answer for their star player this tournament & i think his performance last night against England *cry* confirms this. Special mention to Buffon, seriously that guy is defying time!! 

So there we have it, a small forecast of the upcoming SF's, ill depart with a prediction;


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