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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Withdrawal Woes...

How is everyone!? It's officially 2 days since the last match of the euros, i'd forgotten what it had felt like to have a 7pm dominated by the soaps! Having watched every game (except the ones on at the same time of course) i am truly feeling the emptiness of no football tonight HA! feel like im running an alcoholics anonymous meeting for football addicts...

I will, however, be the bearer of FAB news... SPAIN V PORTUGAL SEMI FINAL TOMORROW! of course if you already knew this, which im pretty sure if you're reading this you did, then i am only the reminder of fab news ;)

This post has no real purpose except venting my sadness at no game & saying thankyou! 57 people (ok 20 may have been me) have viewed the blog! I know its hardly anyone when you consider the internet population, but it means a lot to me! 

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