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Thursday, 5 July 2012

5 things to do whilst waiting for next season.

How is everybody? It's been 4 long, football-less days since Spain took the European Championship trophy to add to their collection & i felt 4 days was long enough for everybody to pick up from their post-euro depression & get excited for the return of club football!

However 18th August is a long way off, so to help i have devised a list of things to do whilst waiting for your team to kick-start their new league campaign!

1. Antique football - you can watch old football matches/highlights online to relive the magic on ESPN classics (Sky channel 442) often show repeats of old classics such as West brom v Wigan 05/06! In all seriousness, they do actually show some good games! I remember catching the 1960 European Cup Final Between Real Madrid & Eintracht Frankfurt! it was in black & white (obviously) and although it took me about 20 minutes to work out which shade of grey was which team, it was really interesting!

2. Read a book! - This can be any footballer/manager/WAG's autobiography of your choice! Or i would suggest a Sophie Kinsella book if you're off on Holiday! Funny & very easy to read, especially when its too hot to concentrate!*
*But NOT 50 shades of grey. i strongly advise against this!

3. Learn a new hobby! This can be anything, from Karate (will come in handy when fighting off other predators eyeballing the half price dress in the Topshop sale!) to Cocktail making! Time will fly if you spent summer whipping up Mojitos, especially if you drink as you learn! Or set up a lemonade stand & put the funds towards your Birkin piggy bank - more on this another time!

4. Learn a new language! My personal fave! A new language will really open up doors for you, particularly in the footballing world! Whether it being able to communicate with fans from other leagues & discuss matches to learning the wedding vows in a particular language to prepare for your wedding to *insert desired footballer here*. Also, you could learn a few insulting phrases just in case somebody insults your team. Be prepared!

5. Hibernate. It works for the squirrels! They go to sleep with a few nuts, and wake up & its spring again! Exactly the same for us handbag footballers, except we go to sleep with a few copies of Heat magazine, and re-emerge in late August refreshed & ready for another roller coaster football season!

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