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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Joga Bonito: Let the games begin!

Those of who you managed to survive 2 hours of Adrian Chiles (if you have no idea who he is, count yourself lucky) will have witnessed  the 2014 World Cup kick off, in an action packed opening game with hosts Brazil against Croatia. Doves were released at the start of the match, representing world peace. After the final whistle, and a few questionable decisions, we might need a few more doves.

 As always with football, things didn't begin as expected with Marcelo scoring an own goal inside 11 minutes. However Brazil managed to pull it back and win 3-1 with 2 Neymar goals (I predicted him as top goalscorer, so far so good) and an Oscar strike to put the game to bed. Despite the defeat, I still think Croatia will finish 2nd in their group after the Brazilians. First game of the tournament ends, predictably, with a Brazil win. 

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