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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tickled Pink

Still basking in their recent Champions League success, Real Madrid have released their home and away kits for next season. The home strip is exactly what we would expect from Los Blancos, all white, keeping up with tradition. The away strip on the other hand, is something entirely all pink kit, a colour which has never been seen in their illustrious 112 year history. However, us humans are creatures of habit so naturally this change has drawn mixed reviews from fans all over the world with the leader of a Barcelona fan group, Madrid's Catalan rivals, stating that "They only care about making money" at the other end of the spectrum former Real Madrid goalkeeper Paco Buyo, speaking to Goal, describes the fuchsia design as "fantastic' and is certain that it will be a 'big seller'.

The new kits, unveiled today by adidas, feature a reflective star on the front panel of the shirt to commemorate the clubs successes. 

Now of course, pink kits are not unheard of in football. In recent years we've seen both Everton and Madrid's La Liga rivals don the colour pink...

So what do you think? Are you tickled pink by Real's new away strip or will you be giving this one a miss? Comment with your opinion!

(if you want to purchase a Real kit, you can do so by clicking here)

1 comment:

  1. I really like it!!! Not what I expected but I still think it looks great :D