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Monday, 9 June 2014

World Cup Series: Stadium lowdown

Okay, so in this post we are going to take a look at 5 of the 12 host stadiums in Brazil for this summer's World Cup!

1. Arena de São Paolo - São Paolo
Capacity - 61,606

This stadium is currently home to the Brazilian club Corinthians and has a capacity of 48,234 but for the 2014 World Cup 20,000 temporary seats have been added. This stadium plays host to the opening match of the tournament between Brazil and Croatia and 5 games following this including a Semi-Final. Construction of this stadium began in May 2011 and it was completed this year, the opening game will be the first played using its full capacity with temporary seats.

2. Estadio Mineirao - Belo Horizonte
Capacity - 58,259

This stadium was opened in 1965 to accommodate the evolution of football in the surrounding state of Minas Gerais, and is currently the largest stadium in the state. The stadium was recently renovated, and was host to 3 fixtures in the Confederations Cup last year. It will play host to a number of games in the World Cup including England v Costa Rica & a Semi-Final.

3. Estadio Do Maracana - Rio de Janeiro 
Capacity - 76,804

Estadio Do Maracana was originally opened in 1950 to host the World Cup and was the scene for Brazil's 2-1 defeat to Uruguay in the final of the competition. It is currently the largest stadium in Brazil and South America and will host this years final on 13th July as well as several other games. It was partially rebuilt for the Confederations Cup and World Cup.

4. Estadio Nacional - Brasilia 
Capacity - 68,009

This stadium, in the capital city of Brazil, was built in 1974 and is mainly used to host football matches. However it is multi purpose and has been the venue for artists such as Beyonce and Aerosmith. A renovation of the stadium has recently taken place in preparation for the World Cup. It was also recently renamed to pay homage to Mané Garrincha, a Brazilian legend who won the World Cup in 1958 and 1962.

5. Arena da Amazônia - Manaus 
Capacity - 42,374

Construction of this stadium began in 2011, and was still being completed in February of this year resulting in doubts as to whether it would be completed in time for the tournament. However it hosted an opening match on 9th March between 2 northern Brazilian teams. This stadium is the location for England's opening game against Italy, along with 3 other fixtures. There has been criticism regarding playing conditions due to the extreme climate of Manaus in which humidity can reach 80%. Due to this, 3 minute water breaks have been introduced.

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