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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Famous Football Fans

Nothing quite defines your opinion of a celebrity like the knowledge that they're rooting for the same team as you! So read on carefully, your favourite film could be a little less favorable if it's main star is a rival fan.

Tom Hanks - Aston Villa

Yes, you read that right, Forrest Gump was actually heading to Villa Park when he started running. Seriously, Tom Hanks is a big fan of the midlands team, stating that he "Relishes their victories". He began supporting them after seeing their name whilst on a trip to the UK and thinking it sounded like a 'lovely place'. If you're still finding it hard to believe, watch the hollywood legend in this teaser clip for AVTV.

  Jay Z - Arsenal


Jay Z began following Arsenal after Arsene Wenger lent him that infamous coat for a music video*...only messing, he's mates with Thierry Henry. He reportedly wants to invest some of his $520 million fortune in the club. He's no stranger to the Emirates either, he watched the Gunners draw 1-1 with Man United there in 2013.


Lana Del Rey - Liverpool


Lana Del Rey began following Liverpool thanks to her manager whose mood is dependent on the results (don't we all know that feeling!). She turned up with him in tow for the reds 3-2 victory over Spurs in 2013, stating "I’ve not had the chance to attend a game before but I’ve watched Liverpool on TV before. It’s great to actually come to Anfield"

Matt Damon - Everton

Matt Damon ran into the Everton team whilst staying in the same hotel, and was given a signed shirt before taking photos with the squad. He also pledged his alliegance to the toffees in an interview by a fellow can watch that here. It's worth mentioning the fact he attended a Chelsea/Arsenal game at Stamford Bridge...maybe he just supports anyone wearing blue.

Justin Timberlake - Man United

Justin became a fan thanks to his friendship with Alan Smith who played for United from 2004-2007.  The unlikely pair met at the Lowry hotel and struck up a friendship, with Justin confirming “I’m a Red! I’m mates with Smithy so he’s my favourite player but Ronaldo doesn’t suck either, he’s awesome. I really like Rooney too."

Snoop Dogg - Everyone

This fella says he smokes 80 joints a day...I think that's all we need to say to explain this one.

*this is definitely a joke

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