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Friday, 9 October 2015

Back in Business!

So after an unplanned hiatus, I am back! and there's been a few changes since the last post!!
I now live in Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one with football running through it's core. Football is a way of life here, with most of the city fiercely divided between Real and Atl├ętico Madrid. Living here means I also have super easy access to all things La Liga, so I will be able to keep you updated with everything happening here direct from source. I'll also be posting the usual array of posts regarding football in general!

One of the few things I miss from England (and I mean few) is the MOTD theme tune warming my eardrums on a Saturday night...I am constantly online checking the latest news from the English league but somehow it's not the same without Gary Lineker's dulcet tones (inset obligatory joke about shitting yourself). Don't get me wrong most Spanish people are aware of the English league, but they probably don't know who scored West Brom's first goal on Saturday at 3pm...

Secondly during the break, the blog reached 10,000 views! which is so incredible that it has reached so many readers from all around the world. Honestly the best, most humbling feeling ever. Thanks to anyone who has read the blog! (or even accidentaly clicked! your sausage fingers could have earnt me about 1p in advertising)

*Also, just like to mention a certain Leeds fan I met outside a club last weekend who told me there was absolutely no chance in a million years Klopp would ever manage Liverpool, I have something I'd like to say to you...hahahahahahahahahahhaha...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

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