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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

La UNDÉCIMA ya está aquí!

So the Champions League final was just over a week ago, and this post has taken so long to write for 2 reasons:

1. There has been so much to write about from that night
2. I may still be a little hungover from the celebrations afterwards 

Now I said I was probably going to end up watching the game at a bar, but I ended up at the second best place after the San Siro itself...the Bernabéu. The stadium broadcasts the final on huge screens in the middle of the pitch, and despite it seeming sold out we managed to get a ticket the day before the final. We arrived at the stadium a few hours before kick off at the atmosphere was absolutely electric, no better way to spend the build up than drinking beer amongst that. One stall was selling buckets, I mean BUCKETS of beer for only 6 euros. I looked like a borrower trying to drink it with two hands.

About 20 minutes before kick off we decided to get our seats, and made friends with the Real Madrid fans next to us. The experience was surreal, watching the game on a huge screen but actually being in the stadium surrounded by thousands of fans.

I'm sure you know exactly what happened after kick off, so I won't bore you with that but after Atlético equalised the tension in the stadium was crazy. When the FT whistle blew I had a feeling it was going to go to penalties, I told that to the Real Madrid fan next to me and he looked like he was about to throw up. Finally after another 30 minutes, it was going to penalties and I have never heard the Bernabéu so silent. As Juanfran stepped up to take Atlético's fourth penalty the screen froze for about 20 seconds and you could literally hear a pin drop, When the screen finally came back on, it was just after he missed and the entire stadium erupted as Ronaldo stepped up for his penalty...and you all know what happened next. The celebrations at the Bernabéu were incredible, confetti, streamers and a rendition of 'We are the Champions'. Also, I'm pretty sure someone blew a lung out through their vuvuzela but you only win your 11th Champions League once!

Afterwards whilst walking down the main road next to the stadium cars drove past slowing down and celebrating with all the fans, it was so surreal and the atmosphere in the city was amazing (well one half of the city anyway). We made our way to Cibeles to continue the celebrations and that's pretty much all I can blog/remember. As a lifelong football fan with a soft spot for Real Madrid it was a night I'll never forget.

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